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Does anyone know if this game has racing wheel support? This message will most likely pop up in some other driving game forums as I'm looking to buy some older games that hopefully have wheel support. For reference I have a Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition racing wheel. Thanks.
While force feedback is supported (i76 was amongst the first games to do this), I'm fairly sure there were no racing wheel controllers at the time (the closest being the Logic 3 Freewheel).

The T300 should work to some degree, but don't expect too much on the force feedback side of things.
A quick update on this following a recent acquisition of a Thrustmaster T300 GT RS racing wheel.

It does work in I76 - with some caveats.

The first is that I76 doesn't offer "environmental" force-feedback (where going off-road or crashing results in an effect) - it didn't with a joystick and it won't with a FFB wheel. What you will get is weapons-fire and engine feedback (and the engine feedback tends to cut out after using weapons).

Secondly, you need to configure the T300 to combine the accelerator and brake pedals into a single axis, to allow you to accelerate and brake properly.

Thirdly, while I76's controller configuration is surprisingly flexibile for its age (supporting up to 10 buttons and multiple joysticks - when most sticks were 2-button and USB had just been introduced, so joysticks had to use a single gameport connection) it clearly wasn't tested with a multiple joystick setup. Trying to set up buttons or axes from Joystick 2 results in them being appended onto previous settings rather than replacing them, and those settings would not save on exit.

To work around this, I found the best option was to edit the settings file directly with a text editor (making a backup of the orginal first) - the syntax is pretty straightforward.