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This is simply a mirror of the "20 FPS Patch" version 4.0 released late 2019.
Given the "nightmare" that it is to get this game running, this should provide an easier kickstart for people that want to enjoy the game hassle-free.

This package contains the game's root directory files for the game patched up and updated. No game copyrighted assets here, so this link does not contain piracy material, it's only the executables and files in the game's root directory with the patch applied on top of it (no music, no maps, no graphics in this)
This package is also ready to make the game run in a window with the help of DxWnd (config included)

Download size: 4 MB

Please notify me for removal in case any of these files are not allowed to be posted here. This is only with the purpose of making things easier for new players.

Original source for the patch and other useful stuff here:
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thanks for sharing the patched files! I have a real hard time getting I76 to run as it used to on any modern machine.
With your patched files it looks like I'm almost there, but there is no music.
Any ideas?
I also have the original CDs, but the install disk no longer works. But if there is a solution which requires the game disk it would be fine with me as well.

Half the fun of I76 was the music ... it was hard to find, but I actually managed to get one of the original soundtrack CDs! Really love this game, there is nothing else like it!