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On Windows 10

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 480
CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2Ghz

I played the game without problems for 3ish hours yesterday, and it brought me towards the end of the game, I think (the part where your character... ''changes'') and the game will stop at random every 5 seconds.

I play the game in soft fullscreen. I have to go back to desktop view then reactivate the game window to get another 5 seconds of the game, then it freezes again. It even does that during the loading screen at the very beginning of the game.

No error message appears, sometimes task manager will tell me the game is not responding, but not everytime.

I've already tried to verify the files. It didn't worked.

I'll try restarting the game as an admin, and see if there's another program that would cause my problem, but I suspect not because it worked yesterday with the same programs opened.

Thank you,
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Edit: I resolved it by using Win 7 compatibility settings. I thought at first it was a memory issue, but it seems I was wrong.