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SOLVED (I had to go back to Dietrich, you can delete my post)

Is there anybody still playing this game? This game drives me crazy :(
So, I needed to check the walkthrough in order to find where Im stucked at.
At the end of ACT II
The Second Summoning*
- ask Welhar for permission to arrest Raimond - done
- torture him - done
- ask Welhar for permission to arrest Ethien if you have already completed the quest "Finding the Chain" - done
- torture him - done
- speak with Tinthan about the murderer of the bishop - done
- ask Welhar for permission to arrest Yulliete - I CAN NOT ask for this, can not accuse Yuliette and I cant ask Tinthan to steal the letters. What should I do? I can not proceed with the game and its extremly frustrating.
Thank you
Post edited October 19, 2023 by vigoczki
Ah, I have just replied to your question in the other post. And as I can see you really were missing Dietrich's confession as I suspected. Anyway, I'm glad you managed to solve it.