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this is spot on:

"I wanted to like it...

But it is so unfair, so dated, so carelessly designed....that I could not!

Don't judge me wrong, the game is beautiful: 2d design and graphs are cool, music is awesome, but to be honest, it lacks so many quality-of-life elements that even D1 and Baldur's Gate already had totally doesn't worth your time to make any attempt to play it.

Do you want to dedicate lots of time to killing the tiniest enemy on the map?
Do you want to die and reload the previously saved game constantly?
Do you want to walk the entire map from one place to another back and forth because there are no portals?
Do you want to break your head to understand why the priest cannot use spells and use swords and daggers instead, totally sucking at those?
Do you want to read endlessly conversations that are just "okey (I guess)"?

Well....if you answered yes...then it's your came. Don't say we didn't warn you!"

what's your take on this love or leave it game?
Still better than any Souls-like