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Hello Inquisitor gamers,

I have a problem, and I don't really know if it's a bug or something I missed in the game mechanics. Sometimes my weapon just break in 3 hits and sometimes it takes hundreds of attacks. It's not really logical, and it can happen on any enemy, even if the durability points are full.

It's not difficulty at this points, it's frustration. Can you help me ?
Mb enemies damage your weapons ?
I'm experiencing the same problem in the Iron Mines. I like the game so far, but this is an especially annoying bug so far from town. What good does an epic Axe do me if it breaks on the first dozen trash mobs?
Does this happen to everyone that plays the game?
Some enemies damage your equipment VERY fast, it's quite annoying. Seems that most human enemies do this, not so much anything else. As a paladin it does not bother me that much because of smithing but I could see it becoming a problem with the 2 other classes.