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Hi, I'm playing a paladin on normal difficulty. I'm level 40 and started act 3 not long ago.
The werewolves absolutely tear me apart, I have to chug potions like crazy. 2 or more and I might as well reload because I would waste too many potions.

I don't know if I am doing something wrong with my build, or if it is just meant to be excruciating. I often have to summon a genie to clear an area with me, healing him as we go around.
I have currently 104 strength, 61 dex, 81 con, and 51 speed.
I'm using a flail that does 100% dmg against all enemies.
I have 20 melee skill, 18 armor skill.

Anyone have tips against the werewolves? fears and phantoms also tear me a new one.

Post edited December 26, 2012 by sd1612
The werewolves are a royal pain in the ass, yes. Best way to deal with them is to take them out one by one, espcially the ones casting spells.