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Changelog for Patch 1 (added 26 May 2017):

- V- Sync ON/OFF settings added.
- Antialiasing ON/OFF settings added.
- Motion blur ON/OFF settings added.
- Grain ON/OFF settings added.
- Chromatic aberration ON/OFF settings added.
- Medium graphics settings preset added.

- New sound effects added.

- Camera sensitivity settings added for mouse and gamepad.
- Camera invert settings added for mouse and gamepad.

- Melee tutorial added in Chapter II.
- Zombie speed movement is increased by 20% now.
- Enemies' reaction range is now increased.
- Enemies are now paralyzed for a shorter time period after being hit by electro gun.
- Electro gun now needs less time until you can shoot it again.
- The Boss fight now starts automatically after some time if the player doesn't attack.
- The Boss fight cannot be avoided anymore but it is slightly easier.

- You can now skip the Intro.

Next big patches will bring more gameplay changes and AI improvements but we need some time to prepare those. Telepaths' Tree is a small studio with less than 10 people on deck and we are working constantly to make Inner Chains better - all we need from you is a little more patience. And a smile!
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.20 (23 June 2017):

- Melee tutorial added in Chapter 1.
- Removed a bug that let the players get a weapon in Chapter 1.
- Removed a bug that made the weapon disappear.
- Players receive „the gift” in the beginning of Chapter 1.
- Head Bobbing can now be disabled.
- Improved collision detection.
- Sound effects fixes and additions.

- Narration added for Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4.
- Narration added for the monument scene.
- All new narration has been translated to every available language.

- Improved optimization.
- Improved streaming.
- Players can no longer skip checkpoints.
- Support for AMD chipsets.

- Improved lightning.
- Support for more resolutions, especially for 21:9 monitors, in the menu.
- FOV can now be adjusted.
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Changelog for Patch 2.2 (added 31 July 2017):

- Added new priest and zombie animations.
- Added player's hands animation to show melee, health status, etc.
- Added new enemy model versions.

- Improved FX Effects and optimization
- More performance fixes.

- Changing the key binding option
- Added objective indicator for improved navigation.
- Added new screen for game over.

- Added new sounds.