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...When the developers themselves are basically endorsing a pirated copy that I could of gotten for free?

Don't get me wrong, I don't like piracy and I do think it is harmful especially to independent developers, but when the developers themselves are saying "We couldn't be bothered making a game demo, so here have the whole game for free and you can buy it later if you want too" is a massive middle finger to legitimate customers like myself.

Not only could you not be bothered to make a demo of the game, but you decided to basically throw away the game for free, because you're arrogant enough to think people will buy it when they can have it for free. How damn naive are you? Linking to a torrent on your site doesn't make you smart because you're cool enough to talk about piracy, it makes me feel ripped off when I could of just gotten that instead. And yes, I know, there would be a pirated copy available anyway. The point is that it is being advertised by the development team themselves! That doesn't make me want to buy the game because I respect the so-called "honor system" and want to support the developer, it makes me feel damn ripped off!

Why did I even bother buying this? I certainly DO NOT want to support this asinine attitude of endorsing piracy, hidden under the guise of it being "guerrilla marketing" or it doesn't matter because people respect an imaginary "honor system" or whatever nonsense.

Thanks again devs for ripping me off. Have fun using my money for that rent. /A legitimate customer.
Post edited August 05, 2013 by Kuroyuri
It's neither arrogant nor, I think, unusual to simultaneously sell in one context and essentially ask for donations in another. Anyway, how is paying a fair price for a product being ripped off? Should GOG not give away games for free as a promotion (as they did with Torchlight most recently) for fear of offending customers such as myself who had previously paid for it?

I don't find your argument makes much sense. If I may suggest, if you're going to be upset over something about InFlux, you may want to start with the bugs. I had to stop playing because of one which prevented me from proceeding.
Developers endorsing piracy? really? damn!
I got it 'cause it reminded me the game Ballance and I love these type of games, that's it
haven't got the time to play it though