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gog wouldn't let me post my 2000 characters (with spaces) review on the store page, which is ridiculous... so I post it here:

Now, don't get me wrong, I know this is supposed to be a relaxing and casual little puzzle game and to some extend it does a descent job at just that. But the game failed to deliver on so many of my expectations, I'm very sorry to say that I don't like playing it and I can't recommend it to anyone not looking for a repetative and dull asperience (get it?). This game is not only relaxing it is boring. There are no explosions and way too few weapons... just kidding! No, seriously, this game is boring because it has one path carved out for you and very little means to make the hike worthwhile. You collect blue spheres, open portals to "puzzle buildings" with them and solve pretty basic physics puzzles inside these structures. There never was a Heureka moment, just straight forward task completion. So, the puzzles are dull!

Unfortunately, the gameplay is as well. You got a turbo ability that can charge up and gives you a singular impulse, making you extra fast. There are all sorts of ramps scattered throughout the levels but it just isn't fun parcouring on them. Your ball just feels too heavy, sluggish and unresponsive.

On to the biggest grudge I have with this game: the environments. They don't breath. I liked the dream-like rigidity at first. Everything seems as if it has always been there and will always be there. Maybe the dev went for that feeling but it got old pretty fast and I actually think it was unintentional.
There is zero sense of exploration. Again, I know this isn't Gothic, but a few little groves here or secret passageways there would have helped imo. If you do find the odd cave entrance hidden on up on a steep road, you will find it is only a missing prop and that inside only glitchy textures await the merry adventurer…
The music could have saved it maybe, if it was really good. But it is average at best.

So, all in all, this game feels a lot like a mod, or an unfinished alpha, but not at all like a game, worth 8€. If you really feel the need to relax and not play games on your computer, I advice a good sleep-in and an extended breakfast with lots of tea and croissants! They cost about as much as this game and you can do much more with them.
Post edited August 12, 2013 by Lorzius