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Changelog for Patch 1.2.4 (18 May 2018)

Patch 1.2.4 (18 May 2018)
- Changed world map city colors for destroyed cities
- Reduce intro video resolution to reduce lagging
- Add sound effect to flash bang and airstrike
- Add boss icons on the world map tho show which bosses are ready to be fought

Patch 1.2.2 (18 May 2018)
- Adjusted the exp requirement to level up and unlock modifier tokens
- Tokens are now used to “equip” modifiers instead of unlocking them, you will get them back when the modifier is unequipped. This will allow players to experiment with modifier combinations more easily.
- Adjusted the damage of support items
- Adjusted the damage of some human weapons, especially soldiers and ZIT trooper attacks
- Increased the amount of mutation chance gained per level of upgrade
- You will receive the correct amount of zombies at the start of the game if tutorial is disabled
- Labs on death door will be slowed down significantly
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Patch (10 July 2018)

- Casual Mode - A new game modifier for fans of the classic Infectonator. No cure and less panic. Enjoy this relaxing and therapeutic mode where you can destroy the world casually on your spare time. No modifier token is required to activate this mode.
- Leaderboard System - You will be able to track your progress and beat your own high score! Post your score online and compete with EVERYONE to be the best in spreading infections and finishing fastest! And to make things fair, modifiers will affect your score positively or negatively.
- Surrender Kill-Switch - Your doomsday plan fails mid game? Just flip the kill switch to cancel the apocalypse! You can quickly end your run and convert your score into exp points, then start a new apocalypse.
- Auto-Open Body Bags - Added a toggle button to automatically open body bags
- Bug fixes

Also, we are adding new modifiers for you to play with:

- Randomized Zombie Loadout - Players are given free zombies on every attack, but Loadout are randomized every day.
- Extra Zombie Slot – Adds an extra zombie loadout slot.
- Reduced Zombie Capacity – Decreases zombie loadout capacity size.
- Perfectionist Mode – You must get all humans in every attack, fail to do so 3 times and you’ll lose the game.
- 20/20 Vision – All humans have great eyesight. Activating this modifier will increases human view distance.
- Bootleg Support Items – All support items are weaker.
- Region Lockdown - Regions go into Lockdown after an attack for several days.
-Evacuation Protocol – Stages have a time limit before it automatically ends.
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Changelog for Patch (13 July 2018)

Hotfix (13 July 2018)
- resolved issues related to corrupted save game and game freezes with day counter and DNA showing 123.
kerissakti: snip
Hey, the recent updates didn't have a changelog, what updated? And I see that achievements for the game are in the works, any word on when they'll go live?

And on another topic, any plans to preserve your old Flash games, once Flash goes kaput? Like some kind of offline build? Some of the other Kongregate devs I spoke with said that they planned to do something like that about their older games. Just curious, I rather liked Toge Production's older stuff like Necronator, Days 2 Die, and the older Infectonator games. :)
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Update to version: 1.5.31 (25/6/2019)
No changelog.
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