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Whenever I exit the game all of my saves are deleted. That, or the game isn't saving in the first place. In one session I beat Port Maerifa, saving at the save points along the way. The save showed up on the screen like it's supposed to. When I started playing today, I had to restart the game over. Opening cutscene, fight with 4 characters you don't know against a weird thing does aoe damage, and then the beginning of the game with Ajna. I tried to load the game from the fight and there is nothing to load; just a ton of "new game"s. While writing this I tested it again. I got to the first save point in the game, saved, quit, started the game, go to load the game, and find that there is no game to load.

Is there a fix for this or should I just get a refund and try my luck with the Steam version?
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