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So, I don't know how many people play this game or even know that there is a v-sync issue. It doesn't matter whether v-sync is selected in game or in the GPU's control pane. It always disengages as soon as the 505 logo appears with Ajna running across the screen. You'll notice that in-game it is capped to 60fps, but even on a 60hz refresh it will slow down at parts, and the background becomes jittery. Easy fix! Hit alt-tab. Even when you are supposedly in Fullscreen mode, you are still in borderless-windowed mode. For some reason, this reengages both v-sync and g-sync if you are using it. Then, things are as smooth as butter. And yes, this game desperately needs v-sync to make it smooth. The game also desyncs at times during those long-winded cut-scene-type convos such as at boss encounters. Just quickly alt-tab it.