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Ben j'ai utilisé la version rapide, et ça marche de manière remarquable ! Merci beaucoup !
Manu270891: You should also add the Resource/Cog folder from your retail version to your translation, that's it :) I suppose you created the translation installing your retail french version and the patching it with the oficial 1.2 patch. The Resource/Cog folder is created by the 1.2 patch, it doesn't exist if you just install the retail version. GOG version doesn't have the Resource/Cog folder because the files contained in the Resource/Cog folder are already merged in the GOB files, but this doesn't happen in the Retail versions, so you must also include the Resource/Cog folder.
Splatsch: And it's done :) I took the "Resource/Cog" folder from my previously installed version and included them in my patch !
Yep, I think I very certainly used the official 1.2 patch (I say "very certainly" because it was years ago, but I don't see why I wouldn't have :P I still have the .exe of the 1.2 patch and have included it in my handmade installations instructions from this time).

Thanks a lot for your help and explanations ! :D Now it should be better with this folder included :)

J'ai mis à jour le patch ! J'ai mis des explications plus détaillées dans le 1er post, mais en résumé, j'ai inclus le dossier "Cog" suite aux recommandations (et explications) de Manu270891 !
I managed to merge the cog files from the 1.2 patch in the CD1.gob file, just like the GOG version. Having the "Resource/Cog" folder should just work too, but if you are interested in optimizing your french translation so the file structure is just like the GOG version just tell me.