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I love the maps in the loading screens from Infernal Machine. Something universally recognizable that screams "Indiana Jones" to me, plus you get to read names of countries that no longer exist. However, I also noticed that they hid references to two beloved LucasArts games in the loading screen map for the Teotihuacan level! See the attached screenshot (because of the resolution you might have to zoom in a lot).

There is a fictional island in the Caribbean, south of Cuba, which is labelled "Melee", the very first island that you get to visit as Guybrush Threepwood in the Monkey Island series. And in Mexico, you can see a city called "El Marrow", which is the city where Manny Calavera lives and works at the beginning of Grim Fandango (which, while taking place in the afterlife, was inspired by Mexican culture and folklore).

Always fun to find these little Easter eggs. :)
teoti-map.png (212 Kb)
Thanks for pointing this out :)
I knew for the Melee island but have missed the El Marrow city from Grim Fandango.
Another one, which I had to read about because I couldn't have figured it on my own. ;) There's a visual cheat code that turns Indy into Guybrush. You need to press F10 to open the console and type MAKEMEAPIRATE.
And finally, and of course something that I wouldn't have discovered without reading about it (since it requires doing things that anyone on their sane mind would avoid), there's a full-on Monkey Island Easter egg hidden on the final level of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (Level 16).

In order to find it (spoiler alert), once you arrive to a room with a well in the middle, you must fall through the well, then go back again to the cubic structure the level begins with, travel again through the orange tunnel (that leads to the Palawan island piece of reality) and now there will be a tunnel opposite the portal to Palawan. If you go through it, Indy enters a room inspired by the barber shop in Puerto Pollo from Curse of Monkey Island, Indy physically changes into Guyrbush's model (from the cheat code I posted about before) and the music changes accordingly. I attached some pictures.

I can't begin to fathom how anyone would discover this on their own without looking at a guide... It's cool to see but the Aetherium was my least favorite level to navigate. I actually missed it the first time I completed the level and I had to replay to get to see it.