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I've been encountering the same error each time I'm trying to drive the mine cart in the Meroe pyramid through the fire door: during the cutscene the cart with Indy stops but the camera keeps moving towards the door which remain closed, then everything goes black and I can still hear the mine cart's engine without being able to do anything.

How to get past that cutscene which apparently doesn't work the way it should ?

Hi again, quick update

Several resets of the game didn't solve the issue, but somehow the cutscene went smoothly once I picked up the small medkit behind the column on the right before entering the cart. I don't know if this fact has anything to do with the fact that now the King Sol's Mines level loaded properly but it doesn't really matter anymore.

I'm leaving the note here in case anyone might need to consult it regarding this issue
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That level is event dependent, so if you grab something that the game thinks shouldn't be grabbed, of if you hit a wrong swtich or something with the same coding in mind, then the game becomes unstable. It's not my favorite level of the game, and in fact I actually don't like the mine carts at all, even though it's supposed to pay homage to "Temple of Doom" mine chase sequence.

The only I've ever found is to simply start the level all over again, and make sure that you don't repeat what you did in your first attempt.

If all else fails try reinstalling the game.