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I just downloaded this game, and there is no where that I can find to "Setup" the controls...I have asked tech support three different time. But their too busy screwing around with themselves to give my "Any" type of answer at all.......Could someone help me out in here???
GOG tech support is for when a game has technical problems running on your system not for these issues. That said, they can be very slow to respond. They are quite a small company doing tech support for 300+ games that they didn't write, whose source code they don't have, and that were never meant to be played on modern systems but which GOG has "magicked" to do so. So you should try game forums first, before going to GOG even for tech support. :)

Truth is I-war doesn't have an in-game control setup. I assume this for I-war 1? You have to modify .ini files. Here is the thread that describes what to do:
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