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I'm stuck at this mission. I've got the pilots, I've got the leader, and it seems I'm supposed to get the e-mail opening Battle For Mwari mission. Only I'm not getting it. I've completed all other missions available at this point (including Wolf's Lair, which I've completed thanks to Ravenger's mod posted here on the forums) except Grassy Knoll, and I'm literally out of objectives. Did I miss something?
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From memory I think you need to go to the Ritz, but you can always look at the walkthrough on the site linked below to see if you missed something.
As I recall:

- You need to rescue ambassador
- You need Frederick Johnson
- You need to supply Third way with mines
- You need Posse completed
- You need that mission with three tests (wisodm, courage, cunning)
- Grassy knoll needs to be completed, because you kill the spy (I love the zoomed snipercannon in this one :) ).

Cant think of other stuff...hope it helps.
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