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I know there are plenty of threads regarding good joysticks but they don't seem to address a good joystick that also has force feedback.

The only one I've found suggested is Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick but Amazon is the only place I've found that has it new and they want $600 for it.

So basically, I'm looking for suggestions or recommendations for a good joystick that has force feedback.
Just get the SWFFB2 used. Go search on eBay, there should be several for $70 or less. That's how I got mine for all of $31.50, and it works great!

I have my doubts that you'll find a stick with better centering force (read: smooth and with little slop) anywhere on the market, or at the very least, I certainly haven't found it. The SWFFB2 has its following for a reason.
Just to check before I make a purchase.

I-War 2 actually DOES support Force Feedback for joysticks, right?
Yes it does support force feedback.