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Well i've litterally just started the game. I'm exited to play.

Started up the Navigation (fly thu hoops) mission. I get the sense there is slowdown. It's easily visible when the in-game video and dialogue commences.

Anyone else had such issues? Any tweaks known to make it stop? If not, no biggie ;)


There IS quite bad slowdown. As soon as you're looking at space, flying around, the mouse becomes a jitterbug. It's a problem cus you need to be quick and flexible, clicking when you need to etc. You can't with the game like this, you gotta click multiple times.

P.S I've got the game's graphics on full. (I want the game looking as best it can)


Nevermind. Turning off the 'Blur' features in the options sorts the problem.
Post edited April 17, 2011 by sonicsidewinder