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I've been wondering if this is the game i borrowed from a not quite friend...
I'm pretty sure this is it but the description on the site doesnt correspond to what i remember...
basically... I remember a scene where the dad is mining, gets attacked by whoever he owes the debt to, probably kills atleast one of them with his mining laser but then gets killed...
then you are a kid... this is where i'm confused, the page says you were put in jail for 5 years.. but i swear i remember you just being a kid and I THINK having some AI guide you
edit: I-war 2: edge of chaos btw... thats the game I think i played
Post edited July 07, 2010 by KrazyKain
Yes, this is that game.
Ravenger: Yes, this is that game.

thank you very much, I'll be buying it now :)
thanks again, I'm embarressed to realize how early on in the game i was when i first had it, in all fairness i had only borrowed it