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I-War1: I'm trying to complete the docking nav training and I'd like to loosen the time limits. I HATE time limits in games, especially if they are as tight as in I-war1. Is there anyway to reduce the difficulty of this game? As it is now, it's totally unplayable (for me that is).
Furthermore the targeting only seems to work when facing a target, which seems counter intuiive if you have a list of targets; it also costs a lot of time. Furthermore the targeting arrows don't stand out against the background, so it's really hard to distinguish it from the blackness of space. As the finishing blow, everytime I dock I get this !@# docking cutscene kicking me out of the groove. And no, I don't own a decent joystick.
edit: got the nav docking with 20 sec. to spare, absolutely no margin for error...
The Advanced wep test spits out mines at a ridiculous rate and there are not even countermeasures inlcuded, nor is there any indication of the state of the attacked ship.
I find the weapons view quite confusing. This is not a realistic simulation, as a corvette should always take a both a bomber as well as a fighter wing for escort in order to take out a much larger destroyer.
I really enjoyed the Freespace 1 and especially FS2 games.
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Have you read the manual? It explains the HUD and the elements that tell you the status of enemy ships, and the various targeting shortcut commands.

I-War came from a time when you needed to read the manual to understand how to play the game. In fact the manual is a fundamental part of the game, because there's much more in there than just the basics - there's back story, technical insights into the hardware, and combat techniques.

I'd also suggest getting hold of a decent joystick too, as the game was designed primarily around using a 4 button flght stick with a hat switch. That was common for flight and space simulations from that period.
And don't forget that holding down the 'A' key adds a boost to the top speed, that one helped me get through the first training mission with time to spare.