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Hey guys, stuck yet again on a mission.

This is the one where you put the CPU probe on the navy space station.

I can't leave after I've attached the probe because the instant I come out from the behind the cargo pods I get scanned and blasted to hell.

How do I do this?
This question / problem has been solved by Ravengerimage
You have to wait for a freighter to come along, and follow closely behind it to mask yourself from the sensors.
I have done that. No matter how close the freighter is, I get scanned the instant I leave the threshold of the cargo pods.

Although I've been doing it like it was shown in the briefing, maybe I need to through the wall of cargo pods rather than around it.
I designed and wrote that mission, but it's been a long time since I did any scripting for the game, and I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly what the triggers are for being discovered.

So I've taken a look at the original mission script, and it looks like the game waits for the freighter to be 1.2km near to the player, then after that if the freighter gets too far away you'll be discovered.

Possibly you're trying to get to the freighter too early. If you do that the game thinks you're breaking cover. Wait until it's right by you then quickly head towards it and match its velocity and heading.
Thanks again Ravenger.

I figured there was probably a proximity threshold that I had to meet, and going around the cargo pods was too far, so going straight through a gap in the wall of pods as the freighter passed was the most direct path.

You mentioned in another thread that you wrote a guide for I-war (defiance too?). Is this available publicly?
I wrote a guide for the original game when I joined Particle Systems, but it's never been publically released.

I don't believe a walkthrough guide was written for Defiance, other than the original design docs and the final missions differ from the original designs in some subtle ways.
I'm playing this mission too, and I was wondering if there is anything useful to do with admiral Brett's cruiser. I though maybe I could attach my CPU probe to it, to spy on his communications or something, but I don't find any docking hatch even when using subsystem targeting. I also tried to move the probe very close to the cruiser, to maybe scan it or intercept a comm message or something, but nothing happened.

Am I missing something ? Or is the cruiser there just to add some pressure to this stealth mission ?
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Nnexxus: Am I missing something ? Or is the cruiser there just to add some pressure to this stealth mission ?
The cruiser is just there to add a bit of tension, and as a nice crossover to the original Navy campaign.
OK, thanks ! I really should replay the original campaign, I must admit that most missions have become fuzzy after all these years.