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i am running windows 7, 64.
the problem i am having is nothing like what i have seen here. the game runs fine, (at lest i think it does. i have never gotten past the "tutorial" but since its in game and my joystick seems to work (x-52) then i am assuming itsgoing to work alright.
my big problem is that i am working on a laptop. unfortunately, every time i use the volume control, any fullscreen app minimizes because it displays on screen a little volume bar which "pops-up" its extremely annoying, but after a while i just used it as a pause feature almost. it wouldt even be a problem here, except that in order to check the net, adjust volume, or more importantly (and the reason i have never even finished the tutorial) is that i need to occasionally alt tab back to my saitek profiler to program the stick to work with this game (a chore in its self)
my problem is that once i alt tab, for any reason, the game essentially crashes. i can alt tab back to it, or select it with thte mouse, it doesnt matter. i get a black screen with my windows task bar at the bottom, and then..... nothing. i end up having to ALT CTRL DEL and use the task manager to end IWAR2.
this is extremely frustrating. even if i could manage to have enough patience to program the stick without running the game, and find a perfect profile, occasionally, the computer will pop up one thing or another (virus warning, updates available, havent backed up in a while, etc.) and any of those that cause me to go back to desktop will crash the game. i can definately see this as being a BIG problem. does anyone know of a way to get the game to continue working after an alt tab?
i would greatly appreciate any help.
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Alt-Tab once and do whatever it is you have to do. Once done, A-T back to the game or click the button in the task bar. This gets you the completely black screen. A-T again to another app. Black screen again, though you probably saw the desktop as you held the Alt key. A-T back to I-War 2. Black screen again. A-T one more time and you'll get the black screen but this time with the task bar showing. From here, click the I-War 2 button and you'll be back in the game.

Kind of a dance where you have to go in and out twice using Alt-Tab, and then back in again using the task bar button or Alt-Tab one final time. Works every time for me. For what it's worth my original CD version works the exact same way, so I know it isn't some GOGification that causes this.
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i actually have to repeat that process a few times, and it only works if you have a few other apps open. just keep internet explorer and notepad open if you want, because after testing it a few times, i need at least two apps. the trick here, is getting the black screen with the task bar at the bottom. if you get that, then you are good to go. all you have to do is click the IWAR2 icon, and viola! it clicks back up.
thanks for the info. maybe someone can make a little program or wrapper or something that fixes this, but for the time being, even though its annoying as hell, it works.
thanks again. if you need anything, give me an email. i got tons of stuff.

Please note that the ABOVE POST is the SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM (more or less) just know that you must use alt tab, AND clicking on the taskbar icon. when you are able to do both, then you are back in game.

I have just discovered a MUCH EASIER way to fix the problem. simply alt tab back to your game. then alt tab cycle through all open programs, back to your game, then repeat that one more time. thats it. just alt tab back to your game 3 times, and you are good to go. its a lot faster and easier than having to fiddle with your mouse and keyboard, and all that stuff.
so there is the fix. either do the above listed method, or just alt tab back to the game a total of 3 times. SOLUTION!!
thanks again for the help. it has made this game playable now.
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You're quite welcome. Now go enjoy this really fun game!