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Are they bad? When this was new I thought the graphics were just damn amazing. Then years later I tried to play it and they were VERY pixelated and bad.

Now I have a 26" LCD. Are they any better now or any mods to make them better? If they are still horrible on a set up like mine then I doubt I could enjoy it at all.
The first game is exactly as you remember it, but it is a game from 1997 (originally, the deluxe package sold here appeared in 1999), so comparatively awful graphics are to be expected. Playing on a large monitor like that isn't really going to help, since the larger screen will tend to enhance the blockiness and pixellation. IIRC, the mod-ability of the game not all that extensive. At most, you could create missions, but not do things like replace models and textures, so I tend to doubt there are any graphics enhancement mods out there.
As cogadh says, modern monitors can make older PC games look terrible.

I-War was designed around an maximum of 800x600 resolution (the default being 640x480), on a CRT monitor, which given the quality of the monitors at the time would be nowhere near as crisp or precise as modern LCD screens. In fact CRT's would have a very slight anti-aliasing effect.

Some Glide wrappers do allow you to run the game in higher resolution, which helps the 3D graphics, but the control panel textures will still look poor. Ironically the software version's control panels look better than the 3Dfx glide versions.
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Looks fine to me, but then I played the software version back in the day, so it's an upgrade regardless :p

22" LCD, native res 1680x1050.
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Aside from the pillarboxing on my widescreen monitor, the game looks surprisingly good. I guess it's down to what kind of video card and monitor you have.
It should support pretty much every Direct3D resolution, all the way up to 1920x1200.