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schmatzler: I've switched over to :-)

You can find the old website here:
Schmatzler, while I find your choice of a Domain Name (Hirnschwund, no less! ;-) ) a bit disturbing, I thank you very much for your enthusiasm! It is very much appreciated.
schmatzler: We are back on the original website - the layout isn't quite finished, but the forums are ported and reopened. :)
Amazing, thank you.
If anyone wants to check us out, there is also loads of new content available :-)
edit: Nevermind - found it on your site.

Thanks again for keeping this going.
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Just a quick update:

There are now detailed instructions on how to play both games on new computers and get around the most annoying bugs in our FAQ sections.

For I-War 1:

For I-War 2:

I've also managed to add even more stuff in the last weeks. For example, a member of our community found a mod that can skip the Wolf's Lair mission in EoC if it is broken.

Additionally, I've added everything related to Torn Stars and Epic: Middle States. Even the old development website is up again for players that want to dwell in the past (or watch "Nolan's Intro" inside the game). You can also find downloads for the "Aerospace Simulation Project" mod for EoC.

Give us a visit, we even have a modern design now. Somewhat. :P
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We have now added over 650MB of files a forum member sent in.

This includes missions, mods, the complete soundtrack of EoC, screensavers, desktop themes, modding utilities, interviews, articles, high-resolution renders, concept art and many many more things!

There has never been a better time to play I-War.

Also: Did you know, that I-War 2 is now on the other gaming platform whose name I can't say? ;-)
I've talked to some guys over at and they've fixed up the EOC Browsergame for us.

So if you want to play a round-based multiplayer match in the EOC Universe, join us at

Please note that the game is old. It works best in Internet Explorer, but you can also use Chrome to play it.

Have fun :-)
I think this thread should be renamed to: 'I-War 1&2 Website containing additional help/walktrough/hints'

It could help other players I think.

Also the site is fantastic!
high rated
Quick update!

- 70.000 total downloads
- had a little talk about the DirectX8 patch with Stephen Robertson (we don't have it, though)
- found some mods buried deep on our website and added them to the main download list
- IronDuke has created a new mod called EINS ( Enhancement of Intelligence for Non-player Ships )
- got really big renders for a two-seated Storm Petrel from Momaw

We're still here, still active. :)
I'm about to 'jump in' by buying I-War 1 and I-War 2 which is on sale today, because i can tell there will be a great support foundation for these games from what i'm seeing in this thread. Thanks to all that are taking care of the file history and websites for these games! :)
To celebrate the start of the new year, we are back with a new paintjob.

Enjoy browsing on your modern devices.