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I have bought and downloaded the Incoming games and they run great on my computer. My biggest problem is playing multiplayer with the first game. I can not start a TCP/IP game. When I choose TCP from the menu, the screen freezes for a minute like it is loading, then it goes back to connection type. When I try to select it for a second time, it just gives me a strange sound like the computer knows it will not work.

I am able to start an IPX game on my XP computer just fine, but that doesn't help me because my new computer is Windows 7, which does not have IPX support. My only guess is that I am behind a router and I need to forward my ports. The problem is, I don't know what ports I need to open and I can't find them.

If anyone knows what ports to open or how to get a TCP game started (on the original Incoming) please let me know. Thank you.