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is there any word on the expansion, i know there was a thread in here but not sure a bump is relevant given its was 2009.

iv just found the comunity wishlist entery, and noone has voted apart from me and the creator! That cant be right?
Post edited August 30, 2013 by chezybezy
It's now avaliable on Zoom Platform

Still here waiting for the SubVersion too, especially as i never got to complete it (Crash on final mission without exception over several years and installs on multiple PCs back in the day)

It had so many nice new things too, really should be part of the GOG release...
I wish it was part of the GOG release since theres actually a community to ask questions about it unlike the Zoom Platform. Tbh tho I don't think subversion is even part of it nor does it work if its even added to the game.