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In Sound Mind [Part 1/3]

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.013 ⇒ 1.016.
In Sound Mind update 1.06

Hello fellow Desmonds,

Just two weeks ago, we celebrated 1 year since release of In Sound Mind. We're still here, and we still watch you play, and read your reviews and admire your awesome fanart. Thank you so much, again, for playing and for your support <3

Today we release ISM version 1.06. This update brings an even smoother overall gaming experience with much improved game balance, hints, and some stability fixes to some rare bugs. Find the complete list below.

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In Sound Mind 1.06.0929

• Improved shadow updates in several areas in the game, previously causing some shadows to remain even when their original shadow caster has disappeared. For example, Dave’s shadow in the locker room.
• Fixed a rare issue causing some collected pills to not count properly and prevent the “Well Medicated” achievement from being triggered. In this scenario, players would receive all 5 individual pills achievements (one per area) but not the 6th for collecting them all (“Well Medicated”). New saves should not have this issue anymore. Existing saves that have experienced this issue will need to go into each tape at least once more through the office (go into the level after the transition area, and then hit “back to office” - no need to replay the entire tape) and then back into the hub. This will mark each level and trigger the fail safe fix and get the final achievement.
• Tutorials should now properly clear when going through doors.
• Fixed a bug causing the ranged Inkblots to miss the player 100% of the time in some cases.

Hub (Building)
• Fixed a rare issue causing the elevator to remain locked forever, causing a progression blocker. Going up to the rooftop should now properly reset the entire floor and prevent this scenario.
• Fixed an issue causing the basement flood to not correctly drain in some older migrated saves.
• Added a save point near the office.
• Fixed the flare ammo spawner next to the Bull’s apartment.
• The bombed photo from the Homa Mart photo booth now appears in Desmond’s office after interacted with.
• Various game balance and user experience improvements around all hub floors.

Homa Mart (Supermarket)
• Fixed a rare issue causing the haunted carts to break.
• Fixed an issue causing the collectible pill in the vending machine near the locker room to spawn below the floor.
• Fixed a rare issue causing The Watcher to not get scared. The Watcher now behaves correctly when scared.
• Fixed an issue causing the brother doll to be highlighted twice in the mirror.
• Various improvements and balance fixes in the supermarket level.

Icarus Point (Lighthouse)
• Fixed a few rare bugs causing the Shade to not properly respawn during the warehouse and wharf sequences.
• Fixed a few issues with the rolling collectible pills near the cliffs sometimes appearing when already collected, and incorrectly being highlighted in the mirror.
• Made the jump from the moving container ramp in the wharf a little easier.
• Fixed a trigger that prevented players who fell from the crane to die. Nobody survives that jump, not even Desmond.
• The Shade should no longer be able to trigger the darkness and barrels inside the lighthouse with his projectiles, causing a softlock.
• Few visual improvements to the bossfight at the top of the lighthouse, making it easier to understand what to do.
• Burnt house back door will now properly open after the finale for easier exploration.
• Various balance and user experience improvements in the lighthouse level.

Old Factory
• Fixed an issue causing some tutorial tips to appear and never go away.
• Fixed issues allowing the ram wagon rotation to be stored in incorrect angles, making it float in the air and cause all kinds of shenanigans.
• The Bull will now roam farther away from the trainyard center, giving players a bit of space when solving the first chip electricity puzzles.
• Added an orange state indicator to the power chip boxes.
• Chips will now highlight in the mirror much farther distances, so it’s easier to find where you left them when needed for a puzzle.
• Better indications about where the suitcase needs to go in the conveyor belts room.
• Fixed issues with the suitcase teleporter in scenarios it rolls off its tracks (resetting its position).
• Streamlined a few tracks and blockers in the conveyor puzzle.
• Added a save after solving the conveyor belts puzzle. It’s really annoying to die after a puzzle!
• Added a small gap in the drain station so it’s easier to see the purpose of draining the quarry.
• Pump stations can now be seen more easily from afar, shining through fog.
• Added signs in the hanger showing which direction is the quarry.
• Various improvements and game balance updates to the factory level.

Elysium Park (Forest)
• Fixed a few stutters caused by the flashback memories.
• Softened the Radio Device’s sound pitch.
• The rotating platform in the WTF area is a bit bigger and easier to jump.
• Added some hints about looking at the stars at the WTF tower.
• Fixed a rare issue causing the flashback and helmets to not correctly trigger near the watchtower gate.
• Fixed an issue causing some flashback war effects to remain forever unintentionally.
• The flare appearing next to the bunker entrance, after the visitor center sequence, will now remain to help point the player back to the bunker later on.
• Added saves in the tents, next to collecting Lucas’s recorded memories. Prevents losing side quest progress when dying to the Flash.
• Improved the Flash AI, giving the player a bit more space and varying his behavior.
• Fixed a rare bug causing the lamps in the cemetery to not clear out darkness when activated.
• Fixed a rare issue causing the gate after the radio tower sequence to remain blocked, now clearing it correctly.
• On the last star sequence before forming the bunker code, the number 1 changed slightly to look less like 7.
• Fixed an issue causing the Flash weak points to stay during the bossfight.
• Antennas during the boss fight will now blink to make it clearer and draw attention as they should be triggered with the Radio Device.
• Fixed a few rain triggers causing the rain to incorrectly start or stop.
• Various forest level improvements and user experience updates.

The End (Finale)
• Initial platforming will now become slightly easier after failing the jumps twice.
• Rainbow’s homing barrels should no longer spin around the player endlessly.
• On Easy difficulty, there were not enough homing barrels to use to ram the gates. All difficulties now have the same amount of barrels.
• Added direction hints about backtracking after the first Watcher tape.
• Removed a drug puddle that was a bit too close to a save trigger near the Flash area.
• Various Rainbow boss fight game balance and improvements, including spawned items and other helpers.

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Thank you ♥️

Team We Create Stuff
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In Sound Mind [Part 2/3]

Read below about the previous major update 1.05:

In Sound Mind update 1.05 - New 8 bit tracks from The Living Tombstone and more!

Hello fellow Desmonds,

We're excited to ship In Sound Mind patch 1.05 across all platforms today. This update brings further performance optimizations to the game, user experience improvements, bug fixes AND a few new secrets. In addition, we're launching Steam Trading Cards for In Sound Mind! There's a lot to go over, so let's get started.

Please remember to follow us and leave a review to support the game!

❶ Further Optimization Improvements

We hear your feedback, and we took the time to further optimize the game. After further inspection, we've identified that for most players, the game is experiencing CPU bottlenecks even on high end rigs with great CPUs. The biggest offender were the real time shadow calculations, which, before rendering, were taking a big toll on the CPU every frame. From this, we’ve refactored our real time shadows system over the course of the last few months. In addition, we've optimized certain boss AIs, inkblots, effects, and level logic to further bring down the CPU load.

Among our tests, we used an Nvidia 1070 GTX / Intel I5 7600k / 16GB rig on high settings to test the new update (1.05) vs the previous update (1.04) and could see improvement from 10-30% in average FPS, depending on the area, hovering 60 FPS. Areas with a lot of light and details were showing an improvement, whereas other areas saw a smaller improvement (but generally were lighter to begin with). Keep in mind, while this is a positive enhancement and should affect all game systems and rigs, it might affect each system differently so it's hard to guarantee exact numbers.

❷ Changelog
---- In Sound Mind 1.05.0511

---• ⚜️ There are now 6 hidden portable game systems scattered around the game, playing each features a brand new 8-bit version of a song by The Living Tombstone from the OST. Go hunt for them!
---• ⏯️ Added a new in-game animated video by Mashed, featuring the theme song by The Living Tombstone and accessible after finishing the game
---• Weapon switching is now significantly faster, improving combat experience during the late stages of the game when scrolling through an arsenal of 8 weapons. It's no longer required to confirm with an extra click when switching weapons
---• Equipment UI now shows ammo count and renders the weapon red when it runs out of ammo
---• Performance improvements, including optimizations to the real time shadow rendering system
---• Additional optimizations to much of the puzzle and level logic across the game
---• Refactored the enemy inkblots music system, addressing some edge cases causing their music to remain past combat.
---• Mirror debris on the floor, indicating there's a Mirror Shard puzzle nearby, will only glow once and stay for longer
---• Mirror Shard attack range increased
---• When finishing a level, the final door now glows in the mirror from a distance
---• The Radio Device features new lights indicating the device status
---• Decreased the speed granted when consuming a Lure Pill, but increased its effect duration and improved on screen effect
---• It's now easier to collect items under temporary barrel and boxes debris
---• Added new enemy inkblot music when fighting the brute type
---• Fixed a few animation issues causing enemy inkblots to stutter
---• The enemy brute inkblot shields less often
---• Enemy inkblot weakpoints now glow in red instead of green
---• Crows now have red eyes and will properly react to noise
---• ⚖️ Added a failsafe system in case pills were collected and an achievement was not triggered correctly (previously could happen during old save migrations)
---• Fixed a highlight issue when replaying a tape, causing specifically sequenced collectible pills (the pill in C1 photobooth, rolling pill in C2 cliffs, dropped pill in on the electricity pole in C3 near power station) to highlight incorrectly.
---• Increased player controls while in mid-air, giving players more agency when platforming and especially in the finale tape
---• Locked doors will now automatically open when unlocked with their corresponding key
---• Many level bug fixes, balancing and tweaks across the entire game - more on this below
---• Video settings added: Fog Quality and Texture Streaming
---• Spotty volumetric fog, usually seen near windows, was improved and can be set via Fog Quality
---• Fixed a bug causing saves not to write to disk properly when using a non-Gregorian calendar settings - more on this here
---• Various localization improvements
---• Fixed a bug causing the Audio volume settings to not save correctly when closing the game
---• Fixed a bug causing electricity wires to appear red in the Mirror Shared reflection even when they are correctly active after reloading a save
---• Pressing ESC when viewing a note will first dismiss it rather than pause the game
---• Fixed an issue causing the trees to not move in the wind
---• Fixed a bug causing the contaminated water to appear low-quality
---• Fixed a bug causing the game objectives text to wrap unexpectedly
---• Fixed the locked basement door issue when starting a new game from the 2nd starting point
---• Fixed wrong UI scales in the Load Game screen in some resolutions
---• Various UI improvements and optimizations

---• General performance improvements, lighting improvements and bug fixes in the hub level.
---• Added a new portable game system in the hub! Go hunt for it.
---• Added a telescope at the rooftop chill area.
---• After completing a tape, a new postcard will now appear in Desmond's office wall showcasing the places he visited.
---• Added a hint to the Flare Gun puzzle room as well as new Agent Rainbow graffiti.
---• Moved the collectible pill from next to the Pistol parts quest note to the gas room nearby.
---• We unhinged the Maintenance Room's door and threw it on the ground.
---• There's now a red blinking light near ringing phones in the hub hallways, making it easier to spot which phone is ringing.
---• Added an Unnatural Darkness puzzle in the Mail Room with a small reward.
---• The building basement now floods after the third tape. Find a way to drain it to get new rewards!
---• Vinyl records in apartments now glow in the Mirror Shard's reflection.
---• At the introduction phase, when at the top floor, Your Office and Desmond's Apartment are revealed in two separate steps to make it less overwhelming.
---• Switched between early Vitalyx and Enduramin collectible pills to make it easier to get at least one of each upgrade before the first tape.
⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ CONTINUED BELOW ⤵︎
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In Sound Mind [Part 3/3]
---• General performance improvements, lighting improvements and bug fixes in the hub level.
---• Originally, only the supermarket had a portable game system. It is updated to align with the new tracks.
---• Further optimized the reflection in the large mirrors in the center of the supermarket.
---• Fixed an issue causing The Watcher to sometimes scream randomly. It's ok, you can rest now.
---• If you finish the tape and still have pills to collect, a new note appears encouraging to use the Mirror Shard to find them.
---• In the power room puzzle (right before Dave's moment), we changed the letters to numbers to create better consistency across different languages. Tweaked the note hint a bit.
---• The supermarket map now shows the maintenance doors in red.
---• The collectible 4 dolls are now highlighted using the Mirror Shard.
---• Moved the Pen and Sticky Notes item to the office, close to the window.

---• Lighting improvements, bug fixes and overall performance improvements.
---• Added a new portable game system somewhere in Point Icarus! Go hunt for it.
---• Improved the visual effects of the red lighthouse beam hitting the player. Also optimized its performance.
---• Minor balancing changes to the The Shade, making him a little faster the longer he chases you uninterrupted and made it easier to cast light on him with the Flashlight.
---• Improved the lighthouse yard generator puzzle. Power lines are clearer, and the broken fuse box under the center spotlight is easier to see.
---• Improvements to the boathouse puzzle making its mechanics clearer.
---• Made the jump from the moving gantry crane slightly easier to perform.
---• Improved the light bulb fight sequence, adding a doorway leading outside to the top of the lighthouse and additional visual hints during the fight.
---• Added a new light indicator on the generator in the basement below the lighthouse so it's clear when the power is on without looking back.
---• Moved the ending door to the tool room.

---• Lighting improvements, bug fixes and overall performance improvements.
---• Added a new portable game system somewhere in the Old Factory! Go hunt for it.
---• Added bigger signs and light indications around the entire level making exploration easier.
---• Improved the power box puzzle at the yard center, right before the power station gate.
---• Improved the train turntable puzzle near the beginning of the level. There's a better indication to blocked rotations, it's easier to see the climbable fence, and the gate buttons are clearer.
---• Balance The Bull eyes HP, making it slightly easier to disable him.
---• When The Bull first crashes into the train yard, the way to the loading zone is now blocked by a large wagon. It's still possible to go over it, but it's now harder to troll The Bull in this area.
---• Climbing and platforming over the yard bridge is clearer and easier to perform.
---• In the power station inkblot waves sequence, it's more clear that you can setup the electricity traps versus incoming enemies with some level changes and a new tutorial hint.
---• The armory section inside the factory now requires a 3V chip. You have to work for your rewards!
---• Improved the conveyor belt room sequence. There are fewer levers and the path for the suitcase was simplified. Added more loot to deal with The Bull and clearer path signs.
---• Rebalanced the packing room battle (where the big Brute Inkblots appear), making some traps using Lure Pills and electricity clearer.
---• When returning to the hangar area after crafting the Lure Pills, there's clearer indication that The Bull is right outside and using the Lure Pills might get him wrecking.
---• Thrown Lure Pills will no longer dissolve in shallow water anymore.
---• In the quarry near the pumping station, added water draining signs and visual effects when draining the quarry.
---• Added a new tutorial hint in the quarry to remind about the Lure Pills speed benefits.

---• Lighting improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements
---• Added TWO new portable game systems, somewhere in Elysium Park! Go hunt for them.
---• Rebalanced The Flash spotlight HP and optimized it.
---• Using the Radio Device on The Flash's weakpoints to stun it now has a cooldown before you can use it again.
---• Improved signs all around the level, making them bigger and easier to spot.
---• Mines are a little easier to disarm now.
---• When The Empty calls via the Radio Device, the device now emits a radio static sound.
---• Added three new gates in the forest with signs making exploration better.
---• Sinking objects (like floating wooden planks in the swamp) will now shake the camera.
---• The valve tool item will now remain in the inventory even after using it on all gates.
---• Added a small tutorial teaching about the Radio Device and The Flash's jammers.
---• Selecting stars in the skies using the Radio Device will now make the star blink so it's clearer which one you have selected.
---• Added highlights and Unnatural Darkness on top of secret graves near the church.
---• The radar in the final bossfight now has blue laser sight and the antennas around the radar are blue as well, making the bossfight mechanics clearer. The radar monitor was changed to an updating target locking indicator. Generally optimized this part of the level.

---• After Agent Rainbow wraps up his piano solo (damn isn't he good?) you can now interact with his piano ⌨️
---• Increase player controls mid-air in low gravity, making platforming better.
---• Falling to the abyss during the fight no longer instantly kills, instead the player respawns and takes 10 HP damage. Agent Rainbow will still mock you for falling down ☺️
---• You can now retry to high-five Dave the mannequin by falling down and teleporting back at the cost of HP ✋ The mannequins will not leave you high and dry, and will stay until you successfully slap Dave's plastic hand or move on to the next area.
---• Lowered the big punch attack damage and knockback radius.
---• There's now more loot and healing items in the later phases of the battle. Removed battery loot from the finale as it's not needed.
---• Rebalanced the final bit near The Flash tape.
---• Fixed explosive homing barrels being able to pass through some objects such as gates.
---• After Agent Rainbow is destroyed, it now rains for a few moments. Also his hat now drops, and you can put his hat on your head and hang around with it. For example, this is you with his hat on: ⛄︎

End of changelog.
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