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So, Natan, one of our newer players, is trying to set up a li'l 2v2 tournament later this month. He's been trying to gather interest on Steam and I thought I'd advertise here as well.

So here's how it'll work:

Participating members will be split into two pools (based on skill) for the purpose of creating teams. There will be a drawing which will pair each player with another player from the opposite pool to ensure a degree of balance. Maps will also be drawn semi-randomly.

Each participating player will also need to register up to two armies for use in the tournament.

The tournament will be divided into four phases: quarterfinals, repechage, semi-final and final.

To participate, you will need to be running the latest version of the Tellurian mod. You can find a link here:

Ideally, we want at least 12 participating players. If you're interested, please post a reply to this thread:…/discussi…/0/1470841715969611684/

Natan wants to draw teams on the 20th.

If you don't have Steam, you may state your intent to enter here and I'll post on your behalf.

Let's get this going!

Here's the original thread:
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