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I played this decades ago (probably) on one of the first Athlon CPU's that arrived as competition to Intel (to give a time-frame reference). That PC would have had some kind of SVGA type GPU (I suspect).

Still here i am in 2018 with a way too powerful PC for this game and with the GOG version running under DOS-BOX i have worse graphics than i remember (subjective i know) but i also checked the mobygames reference for this game and the screenshots here look much 'cleaner' than what i'm seeing:

So i'm wondering if maybe there were different versions released (as sometimes happened at the time), one for DOS (which is this GOG version) and one for early Windows (95/98 etc)?

Has anyone here got GOG's version to look like it does in those screenshots? If so did you tweak any DOSBOX settings perhaps and if so what is recommended to get the best from this great old game?

I ran the DOSBox Configuration and have tried many settings (currently using a 1024x768 'windowed' version with hq2x for the scaling engine).

The main issue is the graphics i have in game vs those screenshots are more 'grainy' as in not as clean, colours are more pixelated rather than blended and in general it looks less clean and clear in all sections of the game.

Any DOSBOX guru's around? You're my only hope ;)
(Update): SOLVED

Ok after a bit of research it seems likely it is simply down to the screen technology difference. Back in 1998 (or whenever) when i played it the PC i was using back then had a CRT monitor and a non flat screen and that would provide a less detailed image vs a modern day LCD screen, or a slightly smoother image over all; colours would 'bleed' a bit more and pixels be less defined etc.