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First, I forgot to mention and cant edit the title now but this information is for IG2.

Having filled out all the space available for a colonies in the past and not failing to notice that some buildings have very different sizes, I was curious about their square-efficiency, so I set about compiling this data. Only squares inside the roads surrounding each building were counted, as these roads are allowed to overlap with those of other buildings.

I will be sharing the data as an image since in its infinite greatness this forum does not support code tags. See the attachment at the end of this post.

Powerplants enjoy a mostly linear increase in a ratio of population draw to power output, but the benefits of Mezon are less pronounced than in previous tiers and in terms of extra space required Mezon is decidedly worse. One may research up to and use Mezons for the population efficiency until maxing out on space, then start deleting the Mezons in favour of Magmas.

Large Houses are very wasteful of space for a very marginal increase in cost-effectiveness; I would never even research them since auto-construction will prefer to use them if available. For completeness I should say both types of house require 150 workers to maintain them, but with four Small Houses in about the space a single Large one would take up, one ultimately gets much better population density regardless of this overhead being nearly twice as high.

A similar analysis would be worth doing on the morale effectiveness per square of parks/bars/centres/stadiums, so I might expand this in the future.
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Thank you for this hint.