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Hello all.

My prospectors refuse to auto-prospect (i.e. they stop cycling through the relevant hexes) after I research oil; I remember that this was also an issue when I first got the game back in the 1990s.

I also remember that sometimes this issue went away.

Does anyone remember how to get around this?
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Not sure, are you talking about this? -
triock: Not sure, are you talking about this? -
Yes, it's the same one.

Just as I remember encountering this bug when the game originally came out, I also remember that there was a way around the issue... just can't remember what. Which is why I posted.

Are there any players, old or new, who have encountered this and then taken care of it?
I never had this problem as I did everything manual. So what I could think off, that ONE prospector is getting stuck in a logical loop and the rest is just following, as this one prospector might be blocking the rest. So you might want to try and give ALL affected ones a manual command.......

I would assume it is the first one.....

While talking about it, I do remember now the problem ;)

And I think the above is the solution, it might be also the prospector before.....not sure anymore....
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I'm raising this old post from the grave, but so far, every game I deliberately dragged on until oil has had this bug.

Anyone knows the fix?
Is it perhaps somehow related to Developer? For some reason, developer appears between prospectors in action queue. All other civilians are grouped together while Developer is sandwiched between my first prospector and those I hired later.