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I did a test by offering arms to an Minor Nation. I offered him 48 arms, I waited a few turns to be sure he developed
his army and I could see this:

Whether I attack him at the beginning of the game, or after selling him / offering arms so that he can develop his army, neither his capital nor his other province changes in terms of military force, he has exactly the same units.

So conclusion the MN (I'm not quite sure since I tested it on a single MN) do not develop their army to protect themselves even if they sell / offer them arms.

The strange thing is that the official guide says that it is not advisable to sell them weapons because they can develop their military force.

Imp1 players can give me their opinion?
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In the many many games I played I never noticed minor nations in IMP1 increasing their army. Then again, I never sell them weapons because tools fetch a higher price
I've never seen a MN with more than just starting army.