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I have civil war at every game. I test with Rome, i have got a civil war, i play with Venise, i got a civil war.

Not the problem this mechanic, the big problem for me it's a don't have the tools for stop or solve civil war, i read the messages et i don't have the options by people, emprison,...

This is a big problem with Venise, my game resume: stand by for casus belli, message for civil war, turn angry the character's profile and i don't have a solve, civil war win by IA. Me i don't have the uselless action available.

You have a solve?
After Civil War breaks out, most "cultured" ways are blocked and you have to conquer all rebellious provinces.

The best way to win a civil to avoid it, keep loyalty high, if it droops through events use bribes/gifts&salary...i someone is just trying to grap the power remove him from jobs that protect him, pay his veterans if he has any..then you can imprison or kill him
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