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So when I imprison someone in battle it says I can deal with them how I like. But then I can never find them later. If they're a citizen I can find them via a pain in the a$$ search through the character finder. If they're some foreign general they seem to go to the dungeon and disappear forever. I feel like I'm an idiot and missing some button somewhere or that Paradox hasn't made it accessible yet by accident. I think either is possible. Help me torture my foes!!
This question / problem has been solved by DF1871image
They should appear at the list normally.

I am playing Karthargo at the Moment and most Generals&Admirals i chatched during the last War against Rome are
still there. Even some Tribesman from a colonial War at Iberia are there.
You can notice them throug their culture(writen in Red) and sometimes their Nation.