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GoG will not allow me to update my review on the usual game page. So, my best best for visibility is here.

My opinion of the game has greatly fallen from three stars to two. It would be one, but I've spent too much time on it to claim I wasn't at least mildly entertained.

The overwhelmingly largest issue is the catastrophic grindfest they instantly put the player into. You WILL play the same level several hundred times in a row. You WILL deal with the same crappy weapons over and over. You WILL deal with a broken shotgun, which is somehow worse than the original Doom shotgun. You WILL deal with it and if you won't, then no refund, sale's final. HAHA we got your money. LOL.

The gun pay in this game can be completely and totally described as "circle-strafe left, hold down fire". Full stop. No further user intervention needed. That is the fullest extent of skill you need to complete this game. Just strafe left and hold down fire. Anything, and I do mean anything else, is purely and unarguably luck.

Do you have the rocket launcher for the first pyramid boss? Oh, LOL, you've lost. LOL. Full stop. The end. Funny funny, Glad we got your money.

And it only gets more luck driven from there. Stay the hell away from this. This is purely a luck game. Just roll a 1d20 and if you got a 20: congratz you win. Else you lose. It's exactly the same as playing in the long run.
You don't seem to understand the genre.

If it is not your cup of tea, stay away.

"Glad we got your money." Why didn't you watch a let's play or read a review before you bought it? This is entirely your fault.

Welcome to the world of Rogue!