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Hi there!

I think I might like your game. If it`d run propper. Unfortunately Immortal Redneck does not utilize my Surface Book 2`s GTX 1050 to it`s full potential.

The Clocks of the card are stuck at around 800-900mhz (meaning in a low power state) the resolution is regognized as 3:2 and the different resolutions are displayed correctly.

Unforunately the low frequency does lead to heavy lag due to jumping frame rates. Turning up or down the video settings did not help.

Please help.

Best regards

Post edited February 06, 2018 by derwendelin
Please have a look at the pictures to see what I mean. The GPU shows only around 850 mhz instead of 1709 mhz. Yet in this low power state it is used quite heavy. Please have a look at the Frametimes also - they keep jumping up and down.

Best regards


I found out: Starting Parameters: -window-mode exclusive

Perfect. Can enjoy the game now!

Best regards!