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At last a L5R pc game. Let's hop it will be more fun than Immortal realms.

"In this new single player experience where the player will, as the Crab Clan, create expeditions of samurai willing to travel deep into the Shadowlands to investigate new adversaries threatening the Emerald Empire.
As an Auto-battler it will be key to be prepared for anything that the Shadowlands throws at you making it vital to construct a party of both fresh recruits and powerful heroes. Even the most experienced samurai have to learn to adapt and while traveling in the Shadowlands, and with you as their commander have to gather experience and abilities to hone your party’s skills and change their combat behaviour to suit your commanding style.
The Shadowlands is ever changing and extremely dangerous, even the most seasoned within the Crab Clan need multiple expeditions to reach their goal. The roguelite aspect will make you return to the Wall, rethink, upgrade, recruit new heroes and prepare for the next journey that might lead you to success or glorious defeat.
Strategy and planning will be at the forefront of this game, emphasizing macro over micro to enable approachable yet deep dive into the exciting, mysterious and unexplored Shadowlands."