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How to run the network game? Did anyone succeed with this option instead of Splitscreen mode?

Game menu > Multiplayer > Network Game
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I also want to know if it is possible to play in local area network with the TCP / IP protocol to proceed with the purchase. I think this program worked with the old IPX like Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 or Diablo 1.

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"Ignition" supported IPX network play only in Windows, the DOS version, as it comes here, sadly doesn't have any network support at all.
daeasymitch: "Ignition" supported IPX network play only in Windows
Interesting, never knew this.

You can get the full Windows version easily, either by patching the DOS version with the Windows patches (they add the Windows executable to the game), or by getting the files from the CD image that's inside the GOG installation.
Windows 3dfx version + network multiplayer is possible.
Instructions by Daedolon from Steam:

I confirm it works ;-)