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I think it's a bit odd that GOG didn't include a proper Cue sheet to the image file (game.gog) in the release. They _sort of_ have a Cue sheet in the file 'game.ins', but the strange thing is that they decided to use Ogg Vorbis files when they could've just used the CD audio in the image file. The Ogg files take up unnecessary space, and they're lower quality than the actual CD audio. I pieced this Cue sheet together myself. Just open it in Notepad and save as 'game.ins' in the game directory, replacing the existing file. After that you don't need the 'MUSIC' directory (with the Ogg files) anymore.


PS: Sadly, the bundled image file can't be burned to a CD-R. The audio becomes white noise because the endianness is wrong.

Command to do the byte swap:
dd conv=swab if=game.gog of=ignition.bin

Turns out the audio is fine this way, but changing the endianness breaks the data track. I solved this myself by opening the original BIN file (game.gog) with my CUE in MagicISO, saving to data.iso (which strips the audio tracks automatically), converting to data.bin, and then changing the CUE file so that it uses data.bin as the 1st track, and takes the audio tracks from the (changed endianness) BIN (ignition.bin)...
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This cuesheet also works to get audio with 3dfx version!

0. Copy/backup game.gog and game.ins.
1. Rename game.gog to game.bin and game.ins to game.cue .
2. Edit game.cue with any text editor.
3. Copy and replace all text with above linked cuesheet.
4. Replace FILE "game.gog" BINARY with FILE "game.bin" BINARY .

It should work from any CD drive, not just D drive. If it's too loud, max out ingame sound effects, then lower the game volume in Windows mixer. Or play it from your media player.