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I am very happy to have bought this on release day. Having finished it, I can say that it stands tall among the great metroidvania games.

Thank-you also for releasing day-1 for Linux. The game ran really well.

One question: When I purchased and downloaded it for Linux, does that get recorded by you as a Linux sale in the same way as on Steam?
I second that notion. Not only is Iconoclasts a great Metroidvania, it also had day-one DRM-free Linux support. That's awesome, thank you!
I currently am at the boss just before the rocket and I have a more negative opinion.

While we can easily sense this was a work of the heart, I cannot get behind most of the design decision the dev went through.

The result is while I played this game for 10 hours, the more I played it the more annoyed I became at its shortcomings: strange checkpoint management, unfair boss patterns (unreadable, too fast, unconsistant in places), etc...

I guess I'll force my way through to finish it but it's making me rage more and more at the game (and not at myself, which is the issue).