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I can not change language to Chinese on Linux.
Are you still having this problem? Because I'm having the opposite!
I'm on a Linux box and am trying to download a Windows version in English, but it seems my only option is Chinese! I'm in America, FWIW. No problems with any other of my many GoG games.
Nevermind, I guess I don't have a real problem after all.

The language selected at the top of the page is Language: English, the download URL has "en" in it ( but despite that, the file downloaded is "setup_iconoclasts_1.15_-_chinese_(24911).exe"

But I guess that isn't a problem. The installer was in English and when the game started I got to pick English and all's well. Nothing about this seems like Chinese other than the filename of the installer. Weird.

I wonder if some bits of content will be censored or uncensored or in a different color or something.
I think it's just that the most recent patch was called "Chinese", since it added Chinese language support to the game.