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Changelog for Patch 1.13d (added 30 January 2018):

* Fixed Mac achievements.
* Fixed missing French translation (We have almost succeeded!). Thanks to jibaycay.
* Fixed Spanish translation for Up/Down.
* Dodge-rolling into a snow area ladder would get you stuck falling
* A brief moment where you could pause during a cutscene as the final setpiece plays could cause crash
* Attempt to avoid a grab glitch for the battle in the purple sand pit
* Carver boss sword issues
* Fixed some issues with lifting boxes and instantly throwing
* Bipedro enemies now shoving you more reliably
* Repurposed a hidden One Concern East room
* Fixed an English spelling error
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Changelog for patch 1.14 (added 16 February 2018):

- Elro could appear on top of some boxes
- Some issues with dodge rolling fixed
- Omega wheel battle transition fix
- Improved Mina's ability to move Inti battle platform
- Minor adjustments
- Fix vertex buffer lock slowdown on some NVIDIA GPUs without updated drivers
- Fix fullscreen slowdown on sub-60Hz monitors
- Fix audio crackle in some rare circumstances

Additional: New DLC for the game - Original Soundtrack
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Changelog for Patch 1.14h (added 01 March 2018):

* Bar sneak minigame text changed
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Changelog for Patch 1.15 (added 03 August 2018):

* Added Boss Rush mode
* Added Relaxed low difficulty mode
* You may now choose difficulty on loading a game
* Fixed Elro disappearing during the Carver battle
* Various smaller fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.15.1 (added 06 November 2018):

* Added Support for Traditional & Simplified Chinese
* Please delete file named lang.cfg if you would like to change game language