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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask to anyone who has joined up for the IWD2 EE beta how the state of the game is at the time.

I havent played through IWD2 in many years, but I have been wanting to pick it up again after going on somewhat of a D&D binge lately.

I'm currently doing a full playthrough of Solasta over on Xbox PC multiplayer with my son. I bought him a Series S for his birthday this year and hes loving it and i was happy to see that Solasta is crossplay. He plays PnP 5e with friends on the weekend and being somewhat old school I havent actually played 5e before so its been a fun and new game for me.

Anyway, I was looking for my next game to play through for when we are done, andI saw that this mod was in development. I have owned the game on GOG for years, but i dont have a github account. Would anyone recommend if i should jump in on the beta now, or just wait until a full release on ModDB or something? Ive noticed that this mod has been in beta for quite a long time now with no mention of a full release.

Thanks for any input.
Hi, just loaded this up for the first time. Lag and freezing is unplayable: at least 10 second delay after selecting any dialogue options, multiple minutes to even enter the first chat with the boat captain, and permanent freeze after leaving the boat captain initial chat (occasionally things catch up and NPCs walk for a split second, but they soon freeze again, cursor is unmovable. Any ideas?