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high rated
Widescreen Mod.
UI Scaling Fix

Follow each description.
Excellent! Works perfectly. Thank you!
I know this is an old post, but I just installed the widescreen mod, adn my problem is that the game itself becomes this tiny square in the middle of the screen, unless I choose 1280x720 in the install of the mod.
The 1280x720 is still a relatively small window, but at least it almost fill the screen top to bottom, whereas if I install it with 1920x1080 I end up with a window not much bigger than an A5 pamphlet.
Any suggestions?
I had to go to moddb to download the mod. It works just wish I could zoom in and out
Post edited September 02, 2021 by hinotoumei
Do you have fog of war flickering issue? (because of the shadow rendering are blocky)
Thank you for the mods!
I know this is a bit of an old post, but please does anyone know how to fix this?
I use both of the mods and set the resolution to 1080p but instead my Desktop task bar still is existing.
The camera is impossible to control without mouse scrolling and that only works with full screen working. and it clearly isn't correctly.
Also FOW is stuttering like hell-