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Changelog for Patch (10 May 2018)


Added Italian VO for Heart of Winter


Added Shaman to IWD
All language names should be displayed alphabetically in English (12397)
There should be an Auto-Save after character creation at the start of the game (34032)
The AI script description should refer to the gender of the selected character instead of the group leader (32132)
A message should indicate that killing Hrothgar will stop progression of the main quest right from the start (31990)
Add Journal Popup Option (31566)
[console] Cheat console should have small descriptions of the areas in the travel list (34407)
Area transitions should be possible with the Quickloot bar open (10083)
Creatures immune to item effects should use identified names in the combat log (9586)

Bug Fixes

Pressing the ESC key when selecting a character to use in a new game should not result in a black screen (34342)
The game should not crash if Esc is hit while it is finding network interfaces (12063)
Familiar and familiarsummoner objects should function correctly in scripts (34387)
Multiple reasons why story mode causes lag (34385)
Heart of Fury game setting should not reset upon loading a save game (34077)
[HoW] Character import should end with successful character generation for bards (33370)
Text at the top of the Language menu should not display "Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition" for French and Turkish (32462)
Starting party should not be missing their equipment and experience when beginning a new Heart of Winter campaign (32113)
Metal Frameworks Library should be disabled on Mac (35907)
Clean up the Voice of Durdel Anatha quest (34406) *Despite his best efforts, Cam may have actually fixed the Voice quest
[Voice of Durdel Anatha] Journal Entry should not get stuck if Voice is killed outside Polquin's Temple (35629)
Casting area spells from Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should not crash the game (33608)
[Shaman] Druid class checks should exclude Shamans (33368)
Sorcerers should not be able to erase spells from their Mage Spellbook (32473)
Weapon proficiency rules during character generation should not be incorrect if changing class (32472)
[AR6010] Stepping on Puzzle Pieces should consistently disarm traps (32442)
Failing to pickpocket NPCs should result in appropriate behaviour (32353)
Heart of Fury Mode should not deactivate when starting a new game (32308)
The option No Difficulty-Based XP Bonus should have a valid description (32307)
Ranger characters created in HoW should be able to select a racial enemy (32302)
Moving a familiar over a floor trap should not disarm it (11822)
The area list in the debug console should work in HoW (34730)
Shamans should not get a biography entry meant for a druid (34724)
Turning off Story Mode should not give the Godlike achievement (34693)
The description of Spell Trigger should not use the wrong string (34570)
Ground page buttons on the inventory screen should not be invisible when there is more than one page (34536)
Premade characters should not have incorrect Biography (34351)
Flaming Oil should not display its quantity twice when in the Quick Item bar (34292)
Abductees in Dragon's Eye level 1 should leave after Lizard King has been slain and the little girl has talked to you (34291)
Spirit Fire spell should work (34249)
Explosion effect should be triggered only once when entering Umber Hulk traps in Artisan's District (34247)
Boar Spirit summoned by Shamanic Dance should not use Myconid creature animation (34245)
Area map should not be fixed zoomed in after leaving Therik peacefully (34163)
(item) Wands should be assigned mschools and msectypes (34114)
Created party members colour selection should be reflected in the box preview (34081)
J key should show journal when left sidebar is minimised (34080)
Containers should play their open/close sounds (34079)
Shadowdancers should not get incorrect number of starting skill points in HoW (33843)
Generated character names should not default to the name of the first character (33622)
Button for dialogue history should not be missing (33619)
A default font size should be selected (33616)
Trap spells should go off instantly when they are approached (33598)
Story Mode should not turn off when saved game is loaded (33395)
[Shaman] The UI should not behave as if you can memorize Shaman spells (33375)
Descriptions for Abilities should not be missing (33030)
Weapon Enchantment vs. creature type should work as per SoD (32959)
Characters should not display shield sprites when wielding two-handed weapons (32830)
Pressing Escape twice from the Biography screen should not remove the character's portrait (32780)
Line breaks should be correct in weapon damage box in Inventory and on the Character Record (32411)
You should not see an extra 2 inventory slots when clicking on a container (32404)
(Spell) Caster of Spell Immunity should be able to pick spell school even while game is paused (32250)
Shaman's Dance button shouldn't look like a shield (32108)
The Summoner's Staff +3 should show abilities when paused (31952)
Default party members should have biographies (31909)
It should be possible to close the journal using hotkeys (31786)
Traps should not stop displaying after rogue detects them (32437)
Name and class for unrelated character should not be shown during skill selection at HoW character generation (33365)
Manually assigned scrolling keys should not stop working after a while (34397)
Character record should not show the levels of bonus priest spells in English for non-English languages (34523)
Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should not work with sequencers (34639)
Shield of Lathander should not provide benefits to evil creatures (34709)
Pushing Esc Key after casting spell Sequencer/Spell Trigger/Chain Contingency should return control to the game (35329)
[TotL] Zoom should work after Inlaid Stones portal is incorrectly used (36005)
Cancel button in character generation should be consistent with buttons next to it (36071)
Character generation screen should use the correct title font (36070)
Description box for Czech should show correct strings in the Language menu (32400)
Original IWD travel projectiles should be ported over (35491)
Zoom should work after Hjollder sends you to the Sea of Moving Ice (35660)
Berserkers should not lose real HPs if they travel while enraged (35432)
Spell Sequencers should have the correct description and description icons (34573)
Area Map should not sometimes be zoomed in after entering areas (32507)
All options should be correctly localized in all languages (32039)
Spike Stone should not counter Entangle (35555)
False Arundel should not be able to die after being revealed (35669)
Listed Area of Effect for Shaman spells should be correct (33282)
[Shaman] Class description should not mention a stronghold (33156)
Bone Kris dagger should have consistent name and stats (34755)
Party with familiar should be able to leave third level of Castle Maluradek's dungeon (34444)
Battle Axe +2: Echoes of Dorn's Deep should not have a generic identified name and should show THAC0 bonus (34248)
Bounty Hunter should display Set Traps skill bonus on the Skills screen during character creation (35439)
New Shaman strings should be translated when playing in languages other than English (34707)
[Fixpack] Skull Trap should do more damage (32522)
[Fixpack] Snilloc's Snowball Swarm does too much damage against fire-using or fire-dwelling creatures (32521)
It should not be possible to interrupt Hjollder's teleportation of the party to the Sea of Moving Ice (32504)
[Italian] Wylfdene's response to offering him the Mirror of Black Ice should be voiced (36040)
[Italian] Creature sounds for ogres should not be in English (36039)
The translation notes for German should not be missing in the language menu (35903)
Voice of Durdel Anatha Should Stay Down When Game is Loaded (35866)
Camera should center on the first character in the party during dialog (35810)
Enemies should attack spirits summoned by Shamanic Dance (34320)
Shaman should not be able to select any number of starting spells at creation by using the Back button (34232)
Avenger Chain Lightning should use the correct icon in the spellbook (33457)
Cleric/Rangers should not be missing Ranger response in dialogue with Accalia (33367)
Fighter/Druids should not be missing Druid response in dialogue with Accalia (33366)
Special Abilities should have description icons (33364)
Imported Dragon Disciple should not have additional constitution (32732)
Monks should receive full immunity from disease (32730)
Party should not be split by wall when using stairs (32728)
Zoom should work after Larrel sends you to Dorns Deep or Kuldahar (32648)
Weapon icons should appear on portraits when acquiring a new target (32633)
Umber Hulk encounter should trigger when a member of the party walks in the northeast area of Artisan's District (32584)
Chapter 1 intro text should appear on the same side as its textbox background (32570)
Map and Zoom should work correctly after speaking to Icasaracht (32547)
Chapter text should be shown on the right of the screen and in the text frame (32506)
The scrollbar should not be flickering when selling an item in the shop (32500)
+/- buttons on the Abilities screen should not be cut off (32475)
It should not be possible to move the Abilites list during character generation (32474)
Mage Spellbook should not show empty spell slots for sorcerers (32471)
HoW credits should not play at the end of the Icewind Dale campaign (32463)
Message "Cannot save game while in dialogue mode" should not appear when not in dialogue mode (32438)
Fix Animation errors for the Clock (Gear) (32430)

(To be continued)
Post edited May 10, 2018 by MarkoH01
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Part 2/2

Journey from Kuldahar to Dorn's Deep should take the same time traveling to as traveling from (32420)
Difficulty selection slider should stay greyed out with Story Mode activated (32408)
Prematurely ending the conversation with Gareth should not lock the player out of his sidequest (32394)
Colour sliders should go all the way to the end of the slider bar (32371)
Old multiplayer chat should be removed from the World Map (32305)
Skill list should match background art (32301)
The item "Broken Weapon" should have a valid description (32298)
Pomab should damage the party with his wand (32297)
(Spell) Spell Immunity should be castable through a contingency (32251)
(Spell) Ghoul Touch effects should match description (32151)
(Spell) Animate Dead spellbook icon should be correct (32143)
Casting completion sounds should be the same as in the original Icewind Dale (32142)
Story mode should not turn on when setting the game to Easy difficulty (32129)
Pressing Escape on a character's Information screen should not open the Biography screen (32123)
Ring of the Gorgon petrification message should only appear if the ring is equipped (32101)
Positions of the Done and Cancel buttons should be correct on the item ability screen (32079)
Cleric/Ranger characters should be able to increase Two Weapon Style to proficiency level 3 (32076)
Max HP on Level up should be off by default (32075)
Listed Area of Effect for items and spells should be correct (32040)
Fireball should not display two lines of damage feedback on failed saves (32027)
Description text in 'Abilities' during character creation should not overlap UI borders (31984)
The back button should function on the thief skills screen during character generation (31801)
Selecting back at the Appearance step in character generation should return you to Skills instead of Abilities (31800)
Calliana should provide consistent feedback when returning the Voice's bones (31747)
Mustard Jelly's Jelly Vapor should slow targets (31454)
Kerish's quests should not be repeatable (31434)
Fire Seeds spell duration should match description (31146)
Double clicking on a dead character should not duplicate portrait tooltips (31104)
Hand of the Gloomfrost +4 should not cast the spell Suffocate on the user when attempting to use its Storm Shell ability (31100)
Zoom ability should not be disabled after casting Contact Other Plane (30487)
Items that cause Berserk should work even when no enemies are nearby (12158)
Enemies in the Fallen Temple should not follow the player to other areas (12139)
Emotions Courage and Fear should counter each other (11939)
Emotions Hope and Hopelessness should counter each other (11938)
The Limited Wish scroll should be present in Edion's store (11907)
Decastave should not drain health unless it deals magical damage to the target (11890)
The wild surge versions of the Minor Globe of Invulnerability and Stinking Cloud should behave the same as the wizard versions of those spells (11841)
Lich Touch should deal proper damage and provide the relevant immunities (11827)
The spirit summoned by Contact Other Plane should not be controllable by the player (11825)
The additional Sword Spiders which appear on Insane difficulty in Dragon's Eye should attack the party (11813)
Ice Troll movement should not be too slow (34322)
(item) Wand of the Heavens should act as a level 5 spell (34113)
Subtitles on movies should not display when toggled off (34082)
Sphere of Chaos should play the proper visual effect when disintegrating the target (11893)
(spell) False Dawn should receive custom graphics and should not affect the caster (35721)
(spell) Undead Ward should not affect the caster (35643)
Subtitles should not appear near the middle of the screen (35238)
The casting sound should not be missing for the Ranger's Charm Animal ability (34731)
Minimum Dexterity and Charisma for dwarves should be correct (34691)
Summoned salamanders should use the same visuals as normal salamanders (34654)
Wizard Slayer kit description should state that each hit applies a 25% cumulative chance of spell failure (11584)
Spell animations should be refined (36073)
(Spell) Iron Skins and Protection from Magical Weapons should be breachable (36022)
(Spell) Stinking Cloud animation should appear more dense (35939)
Spell overlays should be refined (35938)
(Spell) Bolt of Glory should receive custom graphics (35723)
Thorn Spray should have a consistent description (32840)
Cloud of Pestilence should have a consistent description (32839)
Protection from Evil, 10' Radius should have a consistent description (32837)
Lethias should not frequently repeat the same lines in the 'Severed Hand' (32723)
Area Map Background should not highlight an area that cannot be reached (32628)
Area Map Background outline should not be cut off by graphical assets (32466)
Lowest and highest settings controlled by sliders should align correctly with each side of its designated UI borders (32464)
Character record should reflect changes made to a character's script (32372)
Plus button should be greyed out when proficiency is at the maximum value for 'Two Weapon Style' (32239)
There should not be graphical artifacts around characters with Sprite Outlines turned off (32074)
kitlist.2da should be properly formatted (32042)
Yxunomei's transformation should use the proper visual effect (12151)
Moonblade damage should properly display on the character record sheet (11901)
Chill Touch damage should properly display on the character record sheet (11900)
Mind Blank should play the proper sound effect when cast (11899)
Black Blade of Disaster should play the proper visual effect when disintegrating the target (11891)
Goodberries should last for 1 day per level of the caster (10447)
Druids and Mages shapeshifting back into natural form should not trigger Auto-Paused: Weapon Unusable (10071)
[Import Character UI] Imported Rangers should not be able to skip "Racial Enemy" selection (33647)
(UI) Spell should not be erased if pressing Esc when viewing the mage book (32139)
[UI] Items should show their saving throw bonuses (32354)
[UI] [Character] Mages should not have invalid strings listed in their Character Record page (32458)
[UI] [Crash] New Game flow should not allow users to edit default party (or crash) (32439)
[Journal UI] Time Numbers on Journal Entries Should Not be Tens of Thousands of Days off (32221)
[Journal UI] Journal Entries Should Appear in Reverse Time Order (32220)
[Store UI] Conlan's Smithy should not contain multiple copies of "Composite Longbow" in inventory (31943)
[Character Creation UI] Should not be able to scroll "Abilities" in Ability Screen (31918)
[Map UI] AR3000 - Missing Map Marker for Kuldahar (32323)
Gold amount should be placed in its appropriate spot in the item store menu (32488)
It should be possible to close the merchant trading screen using ESC hotkey (34367)
[Journal] Chapter One Start - Journal Missing "Important Events" in Quests and Done Quests Sections (32232)
[Journal] Notification of Journal Entry Should Not be Missing Upon Completing Easthaven (32226)
[Journal] Chapter 1 - Conversation with Arundel Should Trigger Journal Update Notification (32233)
[Journal] Chapter 1 - Kresselack's Kill Priestess Quest Should Trigger Journal Update Notification (32332)
[Journal] Turning in Killed Priestess of Auril to Kresselack should produce journal notification (32333)
[Journal] Yxunomei's Conversation Should Appear in Journal (32396)
[Journal] Journal Quest for Dragon's Eye Should Carry Forward to Chapter 2 (32390)
[Journal] Slaves and Salamanders Quest should not be left Open in "Quests" in Journal when Completed (32461)
[Journal] Information about Lethias's Past Should not show up Twice in Journal (32419)
[Journal] Journal Update Notifications Should Not be Missing When Journal is Updated for Quests (32360)
[Journal] Brother Perdiem's Important Events Note should not show twice (32517)
[Journal] Journal entry about Albion turning hostile should not appear until he turns hostile (32591)
[Journal - HoW] Text from Hjolder should appear as Quest Entry not Journal Entry (32721)
[Journal - HoW] Tybald Dunn's Journal Entry about Visitor should not appear twice (32538)
[Journal - HoW] Bad Wolf Text should not be left in journal after quest complete (32623)
[Journal - HoW] "Bad Wolf" Quest should not be left open with no text in Journal (32622)
[Journal HoW] - Hailee Dunn's Quest should not have two identical entries (32525)
[Journal] Chapter 3 should not start with a blank journal (32418)
[Journal] Chapter 4 should not start with a blank journal (32422)
[Journal] Chapter 5 should not start with a blank journal (32459)
[Journal] Chapter 6 Should Not Start with a blank journal (32510)
[Multiplayer] SetWorldmap() should work for clients (10409)
[Multiplayer] Multiplayer session fails to display after typing the wrong password (32891)
[Multiplayer] Character arbitration should not report Heart of Fury difficulty as Legacy of Bhaal (32513)
[Multiplayer] New multiplayer games should start on the selected difficulty level (32303)
[Multiplayer] Story mode should not be enabled in multiplayer if it is disabled in the options (32447)
[Multiplayer] Android on-screen keyboard should be displayed when attempting to use in-game chat (11781)
[Multiplayer] Local Network Game should have a checkbox icon (33621)
[Multiplayer] Chat messages should not be displayed twice in the activity log (32743)
[Multiplayer] Tooltip for 'Character Arbitration' should be consistent with the 'Help' menu in French (32426)
Bring over PST dialogue selection button (34127)
Alter PST dialog selection button to match Icewind UI style (34128)
Longest fucking changelog I've ever seen
low rated
X-com: Longest fucking changelog I've ever seen
Just proves how many bugs were/are present.
X-com: Longest fucking changelog I've ever seen
You should look at the ones from Grim Dawn.
MarkoH01: You should look at the ones from Grim Dawn.
Yeah, I see that Grim Dawn patch from Feb 22nd is huge, damn
MarkoH01: Changelog for Patch (10 May 2018)
Turning off Story Mode should not give the Godlike achievement (34693)
Does that mean that we finally get achievements?!?
So, when is the recent update for IWD:EE (released yesterday) coming to GOG?
Post edited August 18, 2018 by gangstergazelle
gangstergazelle: So, when is the recent update for IWD:EE (released yesterday) coming to GOG?
Probably sometime late next week. It usually takes GOG a few days to build new installers and patchers. But since the update was released on a Friday, GOG probably won't start working on it until next Monday.
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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Changelog for Update 2.5.17 (added 21 August 2018):

- Area of Effect spell markers are now available as a prototype.
- Players can toggle this option on or off by adding SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Show AOE','1') to their Icewind Dale Baldur.lua
- The Lance of Disruption spell projectile is now distinguishable from Alicorn Lance.

- If a party member is dead the game should not crash after captive villagers leave.
- In Trials of the Luremaster, the Magic Mouth should open if the required skulls have been obtained.
- In the Heart of Winter, it should be possible to enter the boathouse in Lonelywood.
- In multiplayer, games should not crash while on the arbitration screen.
- It should be possible to sell a quantity greater than one of rings or similar equipment from a container.
- The iOS Export Character UI should use the Icewind Dale Character Extension.
- In the iOS multiplayer, a player’s party members dying should not cause the other player’s game to hang.
- You should not be able to dual-class if the requirements are not met.
- Restoring the Elven Shrine quest should show as a completed quest when finished.
- Result of single combat with Presio should not be said by party leader.
- Color choices sliders should not lag when dragged.
- In the iOS multiplayer, the title should not become unresponsive and crash when starting the dictation mode while entering a password protected session.
- The ranger spell version of Minor Spell Deflection should use icons from wizard spell of the same name.

- New Priest of Tempus dialogue should not play in English for languages with localized audio.
- In the Italian voiceover, Attack Sound 3 of the “Female Mage 4” soundset should match its text.
- Italian voiceover should not be missing for Heart of Winter player soundsets.
- Turkish text should not be different if the party leader is female.
Why GOG doesn't release patches anymore? I don't want download whole 2.5GB installer every time minor changes will appear.
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meelten: Why GOG doesn't release patches anymore?
For the same reason people ask questions in a sticky 'changelog' thread.