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So... i dropped the eyes in the yard and i need them for the Gollum but there's a wall of faces in the way... did i fail the game? How do i get back to the torture chamber to try someone else?
This question / problem has been solved by nemesismartynimage
Hey there!
If you drop the Jar with the Eyes in the yard, you just did not get your best "ending" in this scenario. Once your character realises he needs the eyes for the golem (examine multiple times), you can pass the wall of faces(use) and finish the scenario :)
After, you are at the pilar of hate again and can choose out of the other characters you havnt played the game of AM.

Hope it helped :)
Is there any way to restart the scenario? I got the eyes hidden but never got the prisoner free to tell me how to activate the Golem. I have an earlier save game right at the prisoner riot but that's it. Earlier, speaking to the guard after going into the hospital caused him to arrest me and AM to restart the scenario. Any other ways to do something like that? I'm trying to get him to kill himself but failing... I have the best ending for 3 other characters and don't want to restart the whole game to get the best ending for him.