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Back when this thing was released in 1995, I seem to recall there was a version for Mac. Any chance of getting a Mac release on GoG?
Since the version released on GOG is the DOS game, we could easily get a Boxer version of the game for Mac. :) So I'm guessing we'll see it appear eventually, depending on how well this game sells.
tfishell: So I'm guessing we'll see it appear eventually, depending on how well this game sells.
Eventually? Since, it uses DOSBox I'm surprised it also didn't get a Mac release assuming no compatibility issues. Perhaps GOG just ran out of time this week? Rolling a boxer standalone and mainly the testing would take a bit longer.
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I tried installing with Wineskin and moving everything into Boxer, but a crucial file "scream.res" disappears on me in the process. I'll post if I get it working, but I'm not great at this. (Generally it either works perfectly right away or not at all.)

I did briefly have things running in DOSBOX inside of the Wineskin wrapper (yo dawg) but the performance was understandably cruddy.

Edit: Success! The trick was mounting the "nomouth.dat" disk image file, where everything is hidden away.

Step 1. Run the GOG installation through Wineskin and remove the game folder from the wrapper.
Step 2. Load the game folder into Boxer. (Trying to run any of the executables normally will result in errors.)
Step 3. Make a custom .bat file with the text from the "dosboxnomouth_single.conf" file.
Step 4. Make that .bat file the game's start up file in Boxer.
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Thank you for the instructions.

The game works perfectly on my macbook.
i downloaded the windows version a few years ago and it works absolutely fine on my mac through scummvm.
It looks like people have found a way to run gog's current version on their macs -- which is just as well. I played this game on a mac when it came out, and as I recall, it was awfully crashy (and my mac wasn't The Best Available at the time, but it was up to date).