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Missions will not restart after failing them, (well, technically they do) I get the cut scene describing the mission and irrespective of whether I let the scene run or use Esc to cut it short the game restarts with a graphical block and nothing else. I can fire, be killed, move around I think, but cannot see anything.
Anyone got any ideas?
Starting the mission from the front screen works though.
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ethanpd: [...] Also, I found a patch for IGI 2 to version 1.3. According to, their download is only patched to 1.2. That's probably because the readme file says that version 1.3 is a beta update and may cause more problems than it fixes. Still, it's worth a shot.

Hi there.
Yes you're right version is 1.2 but there is a valid reason we did that.
50% is that what you mentioned - 1.3 is still in beta stage but if that would fix all bug we would go for 1.3. Better reason is I think, that 90% (or even more if you check) - online servers run 1.2 version. And for some reason you cannot connect game in 1.3b version with them.
So after serious discussion we decided to release game in 1.2 version.
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